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The September online gallery features a collection of signature work by flameworker and metalsmith Liliana Glenn. Among the pieces are Liliana's Berry Extraordinaire in two colors, two gorgeous aromotherapy vessels, several heart pendants and bird totems, and earrings of various styles and colors. Liliana's online gallery will be available for one month only. All sales benefit both Snow Farm and the artist, and shipping is free!

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Get to Know Liliana

Liliana approaches her art and her teaching - and, in fact, her life - with humor, passion, improvisation, and excellence. Her artistic expression blends philosophy and metaphor with the precision of lampwork technique. She is inspired by the world of nature and the world of ideas. At the torch and at her bench, Liliana cultivates a playful relationship with the materials (mainly lampwork glass and metal), creating expressions of color and light

Liliana started working in glass in 2000. In her first year, she maintained a rigorous schedule of 6 hours a day at a hothead torch learning the nature of glass and developing her own relationship with the material and the process. As she developed her style and voice, influences and ideas came from everywhere:  dreams, conversations, books and pictures, and enthusiasm from a growing number of customers and students.

Liliana’s work includes small sculptures such as beads and vessels and larger-scale mixed media pieces. She incorporates her glass components into a vast range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

Liliana tells this story about how she began making her much-loved wearable vessels:

A friend asked me to make a vessel for her adult daughter who has special needs. My friend had decided, with essential oils, to help her daughter come off a few of her dozens of different medications. With the vessel, she could put the oils into a beautiful necklace that her daughter would want to wear all the time. I've created many vessels since. The experiences my customers have shared with me have contributed to a more meaningful creative process and purpose.

Liliana’s work has appeared in national and international galleries and prominent glasswork books and publications. She has been teaching at Snow Farm since 2005. She creates and exhibits her work in her home town of Natick, MA.  Liliana's website.

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