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Metalsmithing & Jewelry

From necklaces to spoons, students in metalsmithing use silver, brass, and copper to make jewelry and functional metal objects.

high school art program, summer art program, art camp


Students will learn the foundations of fabrication and joining methods including various types of soldering and cold connections such as rivets, hinges, tab constructions and more. Students will explore inlay, stone setting in bezels, forging, and other decorative techniques such as roller printing, coloration of surface, and stamping.  Instructors will guide students in designing expressive projects while allowing students to integrate personal meaning.

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The metalsmithing studio is fully outfitted for professional productivity.  At a large central worktable, each student has their own bench pin with direct lighting and a storage drawer. A second large table gives the instructor space for demonstrating while all students have a clear view. There are 4 soldering stations, 2 flex shafts, a pickling area, and a full polishing and buffing area. Other equipment includes a shear, 3 enamel kilns, a forming anvil, a mold and vacuum forming table, and full array of hand tools.