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Artists need good nourishment and the dining hall is a focal point of life at Snow Farm. But it's not just about the bagels or brownies; meals with fellow classmates and instructors are an opportunity for extended learning and connection. The light-filled dining room has large window banks that look out in two directions and long rectangular wooden tables. The outdoor dining patio features smaller round tables with umbrellas for shade and a few picnic tables. The daily dilemma: linger at lunch with new friends or head straight back to the studio. Really, it's a win-win.  

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The Kitchen

The Snow Farm kitchen uses high quality all-natural ingredients to offer an array of nutritionally sound choices at every meal. Vegan and gluten free options are available at every meal. A robust salad bar is available with fresh protein and vegetable options and homemade dressings. Treats include warm cookies for lunch and a dessert with dinner. Meals are served cafeteria style and the salad bar is self-service.

Snow Farm is unable to accommodate specific preferences or restrictions and will list all ingredients for entrees served. Students with specific dietary needs or food allergies are welcome to bring additional food to supplement the meal plan. There is a participant refrigerator in the kitchen office (on the lower level of dining hall) and a microwave in the dining room available for student use.

Non-residential students can add a lunch or full meal package to their workshop when registering. If opting out of a meal plan, day students are also welcome to use the refrigerator, microwave, and dining facilities.  

Fridays at Snow Farm

If you are taking a 5-day workshop, Friday night is a real treat. The week concludes with an exhibit of student work and a generous spread of wine and appetizers before dinner.  Students can invite friends and family to join the festivities and non-residential students may want to plan ahead to stay for Friday dinner. The regular dinner price of $18/person applies and the on-site coordinator can take reservations. 

More info

  • All housing packages include all the meals during the workshop period.

  • Non-residential students can choose to purchase a lunch package, a full meal package, or add individual meals by making arrangements with the on-site coordinator during the workshop.

  • See the daily schedule for mealtimes. 

Still hungry? 

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