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Kiln/Stained/Mosaic Studio Tour

The spacious "flat glass" studio easily accommodates workshops in stained glass, kiln or fused glass, and mosaics, each with a separate storage area for materials and supplies, and custom built tables on locking caster wheels. A large bank of windows on one side of the studio look out across the meadow toward the welding barn and the pond. The flat glass studio is located on the first floor of the dining hall and includes an outdoor workspace with picnic tables. Generally, classes in this studio have a maximum of 10 students. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: The maximum number of students in the studio has been reduced to 7, and plexiglass dividers have been installed between each workspace. Individual tool kits will be provided. A new UV Sterilizer will be used to clean shared hand tools after use and tool kits between classes. Students are encouraged to bring their own gloves, apron, small tools, writing utensil, etc to reduce sharing. Anti-bacterial wipes will be provided and instructions posted for cleaning larger equipment. For more information, see the COVID-19 Reopening page.

Equipment & Supplies

The flat glass studio is equipped with two 36” Evenheat GTS Octagonal Kilns, one 12” Vulcan Hexagonal Kiln, and one 12” Jen-ken Hexagonal Kiln. There are six Inland Grinders, two ring saws, two wet saws, and a Morton glass cutting system. Coldworking equipment includes a 6” wet beltsander and a 24” lap wheel. A 12” lap wheel is located in the flameworking studio and can be accessed by arrangement.

During class, each student is provided a kit of hand tools including various pliers, cutters, nippers, and eye protection. In stained glass classes, we provide one soldering iron per student, and in mosaic classes each student works with their own pair of Leponitt wheeled nippers.

Open Studio

Open studio is available 24 hours per day during a workshop. Instructors will outline safety guidelines for students who are staying to work, including any tools that should not be used without the instructor present. We suggest bringing a cell phone in case an emergency arises and you need to contact the on-site coordinator. As is true in all Snow Farm studios, no consumption of drugs or alcohol is allowed in the studios, nor shall students work with studio equipment when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The last person in any studio is responsible for turning off indoor lights and closing the doors for the night.

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